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The Buffalo 8 Internship Program was created in 2013 by founders Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor as Buffalo 8 continued to grow and carve out its own niche within the industry. Since then, it has developed into a world class program structured by former interns to better suit the needs of the company, while putting more emphasis on each intern’s existing skill set and goals in the entertainment industry.


While each intern will be sorted based on their desired focus, the position offers an exceptional opportunity to gain hands-on experience in both film and media finance, related production services, and a stronger perspective of producing film and television content. Candidates should have superior oral and written communication skills, be eager to learn about the entertainment industry, and have a strong work ethic.

Program Cycles

FALL: September – December

SPRING: January – May

SUMMER: June – August

Application windows open one month before each cycle.

Goals of the Internship

First and foremost, the goal of the Buffalo 8 Internship Program is to support the family of companies’ management teams across all divisions while setting and achieving intentional learning objectives in their field of interest. These goals are structured into the experience as each intern will be assigned tasks and projects related to their specific background and future outlook.


Read scripts, provide coverage, and evaluate creative pitch decks for clients and producers, screen film and TV pilot submissions, edit video-recorded Buffalo 8 speaking events into marketable outputs, manage client material and track talent news and projects, screen post-production’s rough edits for film and TV projects.


Research film news for social media engagement, create marketing graphics and media assets, post and help manage our social media pages, gather lead lists for business development and organizing grids, update and maintain the companies’ operating systems, manage client materials and track client


Track new and current deal information for weekly BondIt Pipeline meetings, assist management with developing organized systems and processes (i.e. Dropbox folders for script covering and tracking; evaluating the efficiency of tracking systems), and strategize entrepreneurially on how the team can continue to adapt and improve during market changes.

Business Development

Generate leads and organize grids to gather email addresses, contact information, and project opportunities for BondIt, B8 Production, and B8 Distribution, update and rate all of BondIt’s internal CRM contacts and relationships on a scale of relevance and strength, update ABS Payroll’s IMDb credits by cross-referencing the Zoho monthly sales report.


will each be assigned a research project and have the opportunity to read scripts, provide coverage, and pitch a media opportunity to the team at the end of the program


Assist financial analysts with building various excel models to support risk analyses on a deal-by-deal basis, maintaining and updating the financial systems used by the company, constructing template models for future use, creating deal overview memos, and learning the debt financing process used within the independent film industry.

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Gain hands-on experience in both film and media finance, related production services, and a stronger perspective on how to produce film and television content.