BondIt – Team Principles

Respect the Mountains

In the first few years after starting the businesses, Matthew and Luke had a meeting with a legendary media executive who framed the key to success in the business around respecting the mountains – a climbing phrase used by solo and rope guided mountain climbers who recognize that even on their most confident days – the mountain can kill you if you don’t fully respect it. As the businesses grew it became more clear that our teams climb two mountains everyday: the entertainment / creative mountain on one journey and the financial / institutional mountain on the other journey. Today our core guiding principle is a respect of both mountains. We respect and appreciate the realities and nuances of the entertainment industry. We also respect and appreciate the realities and nuances of the finance industry.

Spin the Flywheel

We leverage the power of our collective synergies to create, sustain, and share momentum across our ecosystem and fuel our growth.

Eyes on tomorrow, feet planted in today

We focus on optimizing the business for today while consistently re-shaping for tomorrow.

Take a qualitative and informed view

We assess the nuances of each opportunity to become responsibly informed, then ‘take a view’ for qualitative decision and deal-making.

A passion for storytelling and an embrace of the creative process

We have a passion and love for storytelling that manifests through genuine curiosity and respect for storytellers and the creative process.

Client-focused, solution-oriented

We provide solutions to the market and make ourselves constantly useful through our practical + empathetic + swift communication approach. Speed and flexibility matter.