BondIt – Team Principles

Client Obsession

We support the creative vision of our clients while working within the confines of the production process and the parameters of our industry in an efficient, informative, and transparent manner. If an opportunity does not fit any of our mandates, we always offer a solution via candid feedback or meaningful introductions.

Mission Driven

We share in the success of our mission, filmmakers and content creators included, that together we are doing something big. We are enabling independent storytelling and bringing content to audiences around the world. We are facilitating the exchange of new perspectives, valuable experiences, and exciting entertainment during the most game-changing time in media history.

“Respect the Mountain”

We respect, appreciate, and cherish the realities and nuances of the entertainment industry. We also respect, appreciate, and adhere to the realities and responsibilities of the finance industry.

Foster Market Awareness + Community Engagement

We monitor the news, tap into our networks and engage in the community – and then share the knowledge and discoveries with our entire team. We become a fiercer industry competitor as we develop tactical strategies and make smarter business decisions.

“Take A View”

We recognize and appreciate the nuances of specific opportunities requiring our team to responsibly assess and ‘take a view’ when something is outside of our standard operating procedures.

Curious + Energized

We recognize that every day is a chance to learn and to teach, while solving problems for our clients. Together we bring an energy that translates to every client and project that we get involved with; our individual and collective energy is infectious.

Rapid Action With Good Judgment

We support every team member to emphasize rapid action with good judgement, an obsession for responsiveness and to recognize that mis-action is a much bigger risk than inaction. Speed matters. Require authenticity over perfection; don’t pontificate – just get your work done.


We take pride in professional handling of duties, tasks, client management, communication, conflict resolution, and business development – both internally and externally.

Frugal + Resourcefulness

Our resourcefulness is one of our greatest strengths and we celebrate the ability to do much more with much less.

Progressively Focused

We do not adhere to ceremony or tradition simply for the sake of doing so – just because something worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work today; we enforce progressive change wherever needed, push the limits of everything we do, and insist on improvements that amplify results not 2x but 10x.

Internal Respect + Trust

We trust and respect each team member, stakeholder and investor in the same way we hope (and expect) that every client will trust and respect our company. Transparent and empathetic communication eliminates doubts and builds stronger bonds.

Dynamic, Small Team

Our small group of A+ players will run circles around the larger teams of B and C players, period. Collaboration and open-door policies enable us to achieve far greater results together.

“Forest From The Trees”

We are building a business that encapsulates and represents diverse opportunities, projects, services, and people. Avoid getting caught up with minutia or singular project obsession, focus on the bigger picture.

Consistent Movement

We remain relevant by consistently evolving the business, remaining agile, and marketing achievements, milestones, products, and individuals.

Playful, Fun, and Dead Serious

Every team member is genuinely engaged and passionate for the creativity of entertainment and media while equally cognizant in the serious fiduciary responsibilities to our stakeholders and capital providers.

Design as a Differentiator

We believe great design matters and we work to craft the end-to-end experience of how any client (or prospective client) engages with our business to the finest degree.

80/20 Rule

We encourage our team members to excel in their core duties (80% efforts) while equally encouraging the team to grow, learn and expand beyond their core functions (20% efforts).