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We’re looking for our next film projects to fund with up to $30,000 grants! Past recipients have screened at Cannes, Sundance and SXSW. Accepting features, TV pilots, documentaries and short scripts for consideration.
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Rules and eligibility apply.

We are accepting applications from around the world (in English).

Whether you have a simple screenplay or a film that’s already in production, we want to consider it for our grant program. We consider a range of projects, from standalone screenplays, to fully packaged projects seeking finishing funds.

If your aspirations are solely to become a produced screenwriter, you can rely on ScreenCraft and BondIt to package the winning script with a talented director and in-house production resources with up to $30,000 in cash financing, judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on each project’s budget and needs as determined by our internal jury of industry professionals.

In partnership with BondIt Media Capital, a film & media fund based in Beverly Hills, ScreenCraft is offering two production grants per year to talented filmmakers for narrative features, short films and TV pilot series scripts and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential. Grant amounts will vary from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the scale and merit of each project. This program includes creative development from the ScreenCraft team and production guidance and resources from BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 Productions.

New for 2021 is the program’s inaugural Diversity Award, which guarantees at least one of the recipients selected will be from an underrepresented background as defined by the WGA Diversity Report.

Previous Winners

  • 13
    Natasja Fourie
    Location: London, UK

    After being awarded the GRANT the filmmaker and her producing team were able to complete their finance plan and go in to production shortly thereafter. The completed film has now screened at the London Short Film Festival.

  • Frolic ‘n Mae
    Danny Madden
    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    After being awarded the GRANT the filmmakers and animators were able to complete their finance plan and go in to production shortly thereafter. The completed film was selected as a SHORT OF THE WEEK in mid 2017.

    Frolic ‘n Mae
  • Goldblooded
    Tom Botchi
    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Grant details: After being awarded the GRANT the producers were able to complete their finance plan and go in to production shortly thereafter. The completed film has now screened at the London Short Film Festival.

  • True Blue
    Chris Osborn
    Location: New York, New York

    Grant details: After being awarded the GRANT the writer/director was able to finish the project, as it had already been in in production, and deliver to international film festivals in 2017.

    True Blue

To apply, there are two documents required:

  1. A Script or Treatment — This doesn’t have to be a completed screenplay if you’re applying for a documentary or if your film is already in production. It can be a treatment, a PDF with links to footage, or any other pitch document that shows the project’s potential.
  2. A Cover Letter — A letter that expresses your vision for your project. Help the judges get a sense of your creative vision and professional experience. Let us know if you’ve begun production and what you’d be able to use the funding for. We recommend 1-2 pages in length.

Optionally, you can include a PDF document that includes any other information. This can be anything from a full series bible to a line-item budget, to links to footage or a sizzle reel. We recommend only including information that gives a better sense of the specific project, but please include anything that will help our judges understand the creators and the project.

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Producer and Literary Agent at Buchwald

Sola Fasehun joins the Spring 2020 Film Fund program as a special mentor and strategic advisor for fund recipients. Fasehun previously worked under Academy Award winning producer Michael Phillips (TAXI DRIVER, THE STING), has her own independent film company: Fasehun Films, amongst her many accomplishments. She is also the founder of The Distribution Collective (TDC) that brings mentorship to the community by supporting diversity and inclusion in entertainment.

Grand Prize Winner

Between 2 and 4 projects will be selected each year, depending on the quality of applicants in each application cycle as determined by our judges, for grants up to $30000 in finishing funds.

As a part of the program’s inaugural Diversity Award, at least one of the recipients selected will be from an underrepresented background as defined by the WGA Diversity Report.

Mentorship with Literary Talent agent, Sola Fasehun to provide exceptional level of support for the professional development and advancement of the project for the fund recipients.

Grants up to $30,000 in finishing funds.
Inaugural Diversity Award
Mentorship with Literary Talent agent, Sola Fasehun
Complimentary Badge for the 2021 ScreenCraft Summit + Travel Stipend


BondIt creates creative financial support to discover, foster and tell international stories.


ScreenCraft is a Los-Angeles based media company dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through competitions, events and educational content.

BondIt Media Capital

BondIt Media Capital is a world renowned film, television and media financier founded in 2014. Based in Santa Monica, BondIt has completed over 250+ film and television financing transactions resulting in $60M+ of invested capital and over $200M+ of aggregate production spending. Recent credits include the Oscar nominated LOVING VINCENT, the Arnold Schwarznegger starring AFTERMATH from Lionsgate, the Netflix original film TO THE BONE starring Lily Collins, and the cult hit horror film THE INVITATION.

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We’re looking forward to reviewing your application. 

We’re looking for our next film projects to fund with up to $30,000 grants! Past recipients have screened at Cannes, Sundance and SXSW. Accepting features, TV pilots, documentaries and short scripts for consideration.

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Rules and eligibility apply.


  • Updated: the two annual application periods are as follows — Fall 2020 Funding Cycle opening September 1, with a Fall Early Deadline of September 30, and a final deadline of November 30.
  • Grants will range in size from $5,000 to $30,000 per project. Grant amount will be determined by the jury consisting of executives from ScreenCraft and BondIt, as well as Sola Fasehun from the Buchwald Agency.
  • Recipients will be announced within 12 weeks of the final deadline of each cycle.
  • Applications are accepted via electronic submission only.
  • Application fee for each project is $49 before the early deadline of each cycle, and then $59 until the regular deadline of each cycle. Student price (with an active high school or university email address) is $39 before the early deadlines, then $49 until the regular deadlines of each cycle.
  • Application must include a screenplay and a project vision statement from the writer or director. You are welcome to include any and all relevant links to prior work in the cover letter.
  • There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit.
  • Applications must be received on or before the deadlines and application fee payment must be made in full at time of the submission.
  • All application fees are non-refundable
  • All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
  • Material must be submitted by the author or owner of the material. Material written by writing teams must be submitted by one of the writers, with consent of the other(s). All writers must be credited on the title page.
  • Substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entered material are not allowed. Please proofread your script very carefully before submitting.
  • Contact info may be included on the cover page of the screenplay, however it is not required.
  • Any diversity and demographic information that you wish to share can be included in the checkout form and the cover letter.
  • Recipient(s) of each funding cycle will be announced and notified approximately 6 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Grant funding is conditional upon selected recipient going into production on selected project within twelve (12) months of when the grant was awarded.


  • We welcome international applicants. All persons from anywhere in the world are eligible; however the material submitted must be in English.
  • If an applicant is younger than 18 years old, a verifiable parental consent form must also be submitted with application.
  • All material submitted to other competitions or contests are eligible for this production grant program.
  • There are no requirements as to when the material was written.
  • Screenplay must be owned and submitted by the writer or owner.
  • Material should be submitted in standard screenplay format, font, spacing and margin.
  • We have no preferences regarding title page content. Title and name of writer would suffice.
  • Adaptations are ineligible unless the underlying rights are owned by the writer or director or the work is in the public domain.
  • Screenplays must be in generally accepted industry-standard formatting as a PDF file. Any popular software may be used for formatting, such as Final DraftWriterDuet, Celtx or Fade In.
  • Documentaries (shorts, series and features) will be considered and instead of a screenplay, a PDF letter or presentation about the project will be accepted, which may also include hyperlinks to video footage (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).
  • All material must be submitted electronically as a PDF or it will not be eligible.

The winners will be chosen two times per year based on the following criteria: (i) originality; (ii) story structure; (iii) characterization; (iv) visual inventiveness; and (v) overall viability for world-class film festivals and/or online distribution. The winners and top finalists may be contacted by interested industry representatives, such as managers, agents or producers. Entrants may be required to submit further information to assist in the judges’ verification of eligibility. Any entrant may be deemed ineligible at the sole discretion of ScreenCraft. The selected winner(s) will be notified by e-mail 4-6 weeks after the trimester deadline. Finalists may be required to sign and return within seven (7) business days of receipt a notarized Affidavit of Eligibility and a Release and Indemnification and proof of valid passport and any other documents that ScreenCraft or any other partner may require before receiving funding payment. Failure to respond to the initial notification within ten (10) days or return of notification will result in disqualification. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.


ScreenCraft and BondIt will request an executive producer credit and participation in the project per terms to be agreed upon at time of the award of the production funds. Writer credit and director and producer credit will remain with the original filmmaking team. All ownership and rights to the material submitted to this grant program remains with the original rights holders until and unless other agreements are made. Should your project be awarded funding, you are not obligated to accept it until and unless other agreements are made.


Except where prohibited by law, participation in this program constitutes each entrant’s consent to ScreenCraft and its agents’ and sponsor’s use of entrants’ names, likenesses, photographs, and/or personal information for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. All uses of a entrants’ information are in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


All application fees are non-refundable.


By applying for this production grant, each participant agrees to release and hold harmless ScreenCraft, BondIt, Buffalo 8 Productions, Red Ampersand LLC,, its subsidiary, parent and affiliated companies, contributors, Sponsors, and any other organizations responsible for administering, advertising or promoting this ScreenCraft Film Fund and Grant Program and Promotion, and every one of their respective members, directors, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”) past and present from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to damages and negligence to property and persons, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, copyright, infringement of trademark or other intellectual property rights relating to a participant’s Entry, participation in the Promotion and/or acceptance or use or misuse of Prize; provided however, that such release will not apply to any commercial exploitation of the script by a Released Party in violation of your rights under applicable copyright law; and (c) indemnify, defend and hold harmless all related parties including BondIt, ScreenCraft, and its Sponsor, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys fees) relating to an entrant’s participation in the Program and/or entrant’s use or misuse of awarded grant. Employees of ScreenCraft, Buffalo 8, BondIt and their immediate families are ineligible to participate in this contest. Any such submission will be immediately disqualified. This grant program is void where restricted by any Federal, State or Local law. Recipients’ eligibility will be verified before the grant is awarded and the winner may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility. By entering the contest, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online and cloud-based services and databases for hosting, managing and/or transmitting your submission file(s).